Architecture of the Great Plains

Ecological Home Design And Construction

Earthlodge Designs is team of Colorado Licensed Architects and Builders providing complete architectural services and construction management. We specialize in indigenous architecture, natural building materials and ecological design.


Earthlodge Designs is fundamentally dedicated to the promotion of indigenous architecture and sustainable development.

We believe that human dwellings should respond appropriately to their environment, evolve from the cosmology of the inhabitants of the land and operate in harmony with the ecosystem they are an integral part of. Both shelter and temple, they provide a dwelling place for body and spirit, and become an expression of the landscape they inhabit. We believe that sacred geometry can provide guidance for the design and construction of our most sacred shelter.

Earthlodge Designs supports sustainable development and those who choose to build in a responsible and reverent manner. We strive to help those who wish to live in homes that become part of the natural world.