Architecture of the Great Plains

Earthlodge Designs supports our clients with a complete design/build relationship. We will manage every aspect of the construction process, however, we will also enable our clients to manage significant portions of their projects.  All of our construction projects utilize a complete team approach and the integration of all team member input.


Earthlodge Designs offers the following professional construction services:

General Contractor Services-

With many years of experience in the construction industry, we are well qualified to undertake the construction of our projects. We have built many buildings and understand how to build and how to manage the building process. We secure the right sub-contractors and manufacturers to yield a complete finished project.

Cost Estimating, Bidding and Analysis-

We work with our subcontractors to provide the highest level of confidence in budgetary cost estimates. We provide detailed analysis and review of bids, cost estimates and contract proposals.

Material Selection-

Earthlodge Designs focuses on locally available building materials, sustainably harvested wood products, products with proven environmental integrity, and we strive to use materials that are salvaged, recycled or reclaimed where possible. We help source and verify the integrity of all materials used in the construction process. We help ensure that all construction material is optimized in order to minimize waste and we require on site sorting and recycling for all waste materials.

Computerized Scheduling-

We utilizes computerized scheduling software to establish and track the critical path throughout the entire construction process. We are pro-active and work on several "what if" scenarios in order to keep the project on schedule. Long lead items are identified, and work-arounds are developed to avoid delays that might threaten the success of the project.

Open Book Job Cost Accounting-

Earthlodge Designs keeps detailed records of job costs and make them available for client review. We track budget and bid numbers against actual costs so there are no surprises awaiting the owner. Although construction projects often incur additional costs for unknown or undiscovered conditions, we include provisions for those unknowns in the budget and track these contingency funds to ensure they are used appropriately and only if warranted.  We believe that open-book job cost accounting can function in the best interest of all parties in the construction process.



Earthlodge Designs encourages craftsmanship and artistry from local building professionals. We ensure their success by promoting their participation in the construction collaboration process. We respect the input from all of our construction team members and encourage their participation in ongoing team reviews to ensure the goals and objectives of the construction project are met.  We believe that the success of any one participant in the construction process is dependent upon and supports the success of every other participant in the process.